Mentoring & Outreach

img-4137.jpgI really enjoy mentoring, and to date I have helped a number of undergraduates start their careers in scientific research. At the University of Cape Town small class sizes mean that many undergraduate courses contained significant field components. As a teaching assistant on a variety of courses (Plant Diversity, Ecophysiology, Principles of Evolution), I was involved in guiding a number of students  through the formulation of testable ideas, data collection, analysis and report writing. I found this work incredibly rewarding.

I have also mentored a number of undergraduates during my time at UConn, including Mohammed Sayeem and Sean Lee who were involved in helping me catalogue, identify and curate some of the living collections of Pelargonium at UConn. More recently Emelia Mason (recently graduated and now a science teacher), Amber DeRobertis (a senior) and Emma Saavedra (a junior) have been integral in the development of the EMU project.




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